Work That Matters
24–25 February 2020, London

The conference for professionals
who make a difference.

Create a future where your work matters. Two days of presentations, workshops and networking.

Many professionals aren’t driven by money. We want to make a difference, to use our skills to improve people’s lives. But we also share an unspoken secret: much of our work doesn’t matter, because of a growing sickness in our organisations.

More and more behaviour that falls short of their proclaimed values is coming to light, from car manufacturers cheating emissions tests to government departments deporting lifelong citizens to charities exploiting the people they’re supposed to serve. And the Grenfell Tower fire exposed systematic cross-sector neglect of the most vulnerable in our society.

It’s not that organisations are inherently corrupt. These transgressions are symptoms of a wider malaise: somehow organisations have lost touch with their purpose. Which leaves professionals working on programmes we can’t influence, which don’t reflect our values.

Those of us who believe in social responsibility face a choice. Do we tolerate work that doesn’t serve the greater good? Or do we stand up, reconnect with the purpose of our organisations and shape a future where our work matters?

Join us at the Work That Matters conference to:

  • learn from case studies by professionals who’ve reconnected with the purpose of their work
  • practise techniques (and take away practical tips) in hands-on workshops
  • meet like-minded people from corporations, governments and charities to share experiences and ideas
speaker presenting on stage at conference
networking during the conference

Testimonials from past events

“The size of the conference made me much more comfortable than at big impersonal ones. I loved the friendly atmosphere and the amount of activities that enabled us to meet one another and talk to everyone.”

Daphne Lin
Product Design Manager, Pivotal Labs

“I enjoyed the curation of speakers around the theme. Refreshing to attend a conference focused on delivering value on the topic vs promoting polished circuit speakers. I’d definitely recommend it!”

Alice Deer
Co-Founder & CEO, GatherContent

“The two-day structure worked well: excellent case studies and short, snappy workshops, followed by a more relaxed second day that gave us the chance to apply the techniques we’d learned the day before.”

Sarah Hunter
Editorial Lead, Financial Conduct Authority

“The practices covered are core to what I believe makes for an effective and enjoyable working environment. Taking the day for a structured exploration of these practices with peers was very helpful.”

Joel Chippindale
Chief Technical Officer, FutureLearn

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